OUR ServiceS


At Narita International Airport, we conduct patrol duty in bonded areas of each airline, control entry and exit of bonded warehouses in the vicinity of Narita Airport, and conduct security inspection work using fixed metal detectors or portable metal detectors.We also undertake facility security services at major hospitals and large commercial facilities.

Explosive Detection

In Narita International Airport's bonded area, we conduct confidential inspection of export cargo and inspect explosives using X-Ray inspection equipment and ETD.Our thorough education system produces a large number of qualified people and improves our service.We are also working to spread K-9 operations in anticipation of an increase in cargo volume in the future.

Temporary staff

We are dispatching event staff to the neighboring municipalities of Narita International Airport.We distribute novelty and take photos at photo spots. We will also dispatch data entry for import and export cargoes at foreign airlines, as well as reception services at major companies. In addition, we also provide operational collection and cleaning services, consulting services, and various seminars in the parking lot.

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